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الجمعية العراقية للسياحة والسيارات والوقاية من الحوادث

رَبِي إجْعَلْ هَذا البَلَدَ آمِنَاً

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The International Driving License


The Iraqi Society on Vehicles, Tourism and Prevention of Road Accidents issues the international driving license for the Iraqi citizens willing to travel abroad, and is subject to the regulations based on the FIA’s bylaws, as the Society is an active member in that international organization, and therefore the licenses it issues are recognized worldwide Where the Republic of Iraq ratified the International Convention on Road Traffic for the year 1968 and is the ratification of the adoption of the adoption of the international market license issued by the Iraqi Association of cars and driving documents approved and recognized by all countries of the world. In order to acquire such a license, certain pre-requisites must be first fulfilled, which are (1) the acquisition of a local driving license issued by the competent department (Public Traffic Directorate) and (2) a valid passport. The validity period of the international driving is one year as of its issuance date, and can be renewed after it expires by the holder him/herself or by a legal representative if the holder is residing outside Iraq due to force majeure.

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