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الجمعية العراقية للسياحة والسيارات والوقاية من الحوادث

رَبِي إجْعَلْ هَذا البَلَدَ آمِنَاً

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Laws & Regulations


The Iraqi traffic legislations have been enacted to serve great and various objectives that aim to protect citizens’ lives, facilitate their movement and protect public and private properties. This requires educating people (according to their age, education level and areas) to the traffic regulations through special education programs and curriculums. Therefore, since its establishment in 1927 and up to now, the (IATA) has always endeavored to promote traffic education amongst people in cooperation with the traffic-law-enforcement authorities and with the various governmental institutions by holding seminars and meetings and publishing various posters and bulletins through the audio, visual and printed media. There are many important Iraqi legislations which regulate traffic offenses and punishments, which are (1) Traffic Law no. (86) of 2004, (2) Public Roads Law no. (1) of 1983 and (3) Public Transportation Law no. (45) of 1983. Furthermore, the amended Iraqi Criminal Law no. (111) of 1969 refers explicitly to traffic offences. All such legislations aim to protect humans and properties and to protect the community from such accidents that endanger humanity as a whole.

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