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الجمعية العراقية للسياحة والسيارات والوقاية من الحوادث

رَبِي إجْعَلْ هَذا البَلَدَ آمِنَاً

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Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
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The International Traffic Booklet (Trip ticket)


The International Traffic Booklet (Trip Ticket) is issued by the Federation de l’Automobile (FIA), headquarters in Paris, which is distributed on it´s member Cars Clubs and societies in order to facilitate passing of vehicles through borders, because some countries don’t allow the entrance of any foreign vehicle unless it has such booklets, (Trip Ticket) which assure the payment customs fees, Therefore Customs authorities in the foreign country have just to confirm such booklets at the arrival and departure of vehicles.

The (IATA) began to organize the international traffic booklets in 1929 until 1994 when the (IATA) had come to halt due to the economic blockade imposed on Iraq and the inability of (IATA) is about to resume issuing this booklets after it had re-established its membership’s in the (FIA) due to its importance for citizens in facilitating the travel between countries.

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