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Driving Training


Driving training is based on modern scientific principles preserves human lives and properties from its on set, the (IATA) has given much consideration to this aspect, and that produce a competent and observing driver, and this, undoubtedly , leads to decrease road accidents and therefore, has established a special bureau for driving training which has all necessary requirements that help properly prepare the trained drivers.

The (IATA) has competent trainers for the practical aspect and lectures for the theoretical one, as well as a management that holds regular and continuous training courses based on a two-week curriculum. Afterwards, the driver graduates and receives an accredited certificate that enables him/her to acquire the local driving license by the competent department (Public Traffic Directorate) after he/she had underwent an exam to properly drive the vehicle.

Furthermore, the (IATA) has held many courses to prepare training staffs in order to provide the driving schools with a specialized trainers, in cooperation with Public Traffic Directorate, for a period of three month /course.

These courses aren't only restricted to Iraqis but also include Arab nationals, who receive practical and theoretical programs that enable them to acquire the (driving certificate) by the Public Traffic Directorate after they had passed the required exams. The (IATA) plans to continue such courses when the circumstances are favorable.

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