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الجمعية العراقية للسياحة والسيارات والوقاية من الحوادث

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Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
Alliance Internationale de Tourisme

WELCOME TO the website of the Iraq Automobile &Touring Association, and Prevention of Road Accidents (IATA)


The Iraqi Automobile & Touring Association was established in 1927, which was then called the IraqVehicles Syndicate; its task was restricted to issuing a limited number of the international traffic booklet (Trip Ticket) and International Driving License. In 1954 the association had been reshaped in accordance with societies Decree Nr. 68 of the 1954 and then was called Iraq Automobile &Touring Association (IATA) . In 1975 the (IATA) was honored as a public well-fair society for its role in providing services to the citizens. In1981 ,it has been decided to merge the (IATA) and Prevention of Road Accidents.

Considering the common objectives both societies endeavor to achieve; consequently, the new society became to be known as (Iraq Automobile &Touring Association, and Preventing of Road Accidents (IATA) Concerning the management of its affairs and activities, The (IATA) is subject to the Society´s bylaws no.( 3970) issued on 17 Feb.2002 based on provisions of Article (10) of the amended societies Law no. (13) of 2000.

In 1974 , the (IATA) has joined to the Federation Internationale deL´ Automobile (FIA), headquarter in Paris, and still practice its role and activities in accordance with the FIA,s regulations. In 1929 the (IATA) has joined the Alliance Internationale deTourisme( AIT) Headquarter in Geneve. In 1980 the (IATA) joined the Arab Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs (ACTAC).

The Association is a founding member of the Arab Automobile Council since its establishment in 2008 and so far. It has been working with Arab clubs for cars in cooperation and exchange of experiences and attending Arab and international conferences.

The (IATA) is supervised by an elected administrative body consists of:


President: Lawyer Sadik J. Khamas
Vice President: Mr. Mahmoud Adnan Hasoun
Secretary General: Mr. Omar Hameed Al Saad
Member: Mr. Khalid Jassam Salih
Member: Mr. Talal F. Aa-Faysal
Member: Dr. Ali M. Ridha Ghazala
Member: Mr. Raed Hameed Al Saad
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